Do you think Kareem Abdul-Jabbar deserves the MVP named after him over Michael Jordan?

Yes. I also think the NBA named some things oddly.

If I were Adam Silver here’s what I would do:

  • Rename the NBA Championship trophy after Bill Russell, not Larry O’Brien. Russell was the biggest winner in pro sports, after all.
  • Eliminate the Finals MVP and replace it with a Playoffs MVP and name it after Michael Jordan. Having a MVP for the whole playoffs like what the ABA did makes more sense than just for one series. FMVP has resulted in some weird winners like Cedric Maxwell and Andre Iguodala because of this.
  • Name the regular season MVP award after Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Kareem has the most MVPs so it makes sense.
  • Larry Bird ECF MVP is fine..
  • Magic Johnson WCF MVP is fine..
  • Bob Cousy ECF trophy.. I would have put Lebron James on this one as he absolutely dominated the East. 9 Finals in the East. Cmon now.
  • Oscar Robertson WCF trophy is a weird one.. Oscar played his prime in the East, not the West. I would have put Jerry West on the Western trophy. The guy reached 9 Finals in the West. Cmon now.
  • Kobe All-Star MVP is fine… Kobe did have 4 all star mvps so it makes sense.
  • Hakeem DPOY is fine..
  • Havlicek 6th man of the year is fine..
  • Mikan as the most improved player? Hmm that’s a weird one. Personally I’d give it to either Curry, Moses or Giannis because all three of these guys improved tremendously from their rookie season. Mikan dominated straight from the beginning so I don’t know why its named after him.
  • Wilt ROTY is fine… he was the most dominant rookie ever so


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