Do you believe that Darvin Ham’s firing as head coach of the Lakers was justified based on his performance over two seasons?

The thing about the Lakers organization is that they have very high standards. For them it’s win or bust. For any other organization, Darvin Ham is an ok coach. He’s not a great coach, but he’s not terrible either. The Lakers are exactly 0.500 roughly with him as coach. That’s a good enough record for most NBA teams. Not for the Lakers. The Lakers have to be in contention to win a championship every year. That’s why Ham got fired. Lakers fans and organization have no patience.

Truthfully, I think the Lakers have always been outperforming what pundits have predicted. Last year, the Lakers weren’t expected to make the playoffs. They ended up making it to the WCF. This year, the Lakers weren’t expected to make the playoffs. They made it and lost in the first round. Both times to the clearly superior Nuggets. No shame in that. So I don’t necessarily agree with Ham being fired but then I didn’t agree with Vogel being fired either, I felt like Vogel needed more time and it’s not like Ham ever figured out how to make Westbrook fit in either.

What I hate is all the NBA casuals out there blaming Bron for this.

Literally all the comments online are about Bron being a coach killer and being uncoachable.

Which is ridiculous. Bron always gets blamed even if there’s little to no evidence he had any hand in this. People just assume Bron wanted Ham fired and the Lakers org followed suit. In truth, the Lakers org has always had little patience – in fact they went through 5 coaching changes during the last 6 years of Kobe’s career. Nobody calls Kobe a coach killer. But of course, because it’s Bron, he gets blamed for everything no matter what.

What’s more infuriating to me is that there’s people who think that Bron gets no blame ^ when literally the majority of the NBA fanbase (who are casuals and Bron haters) blame Bron for everything. SMH


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