Yes, This is in stark contrast with the previous note, but I noticed something. We all have one life, and we all choose how to live it. Some things are within our control, and others things are not. Life is 50% action and 50% reaction. but I noticed that the actions are what cause the reactions to happen. Fate or destiny as people call it, are direct consequences of one’s own actions.

I want to break the stereotype. Heck, I’m already doing that by writing this, but I think that people should follow their dreams, not their parents dreams, not what society expects you to do. If you want to be an artist and you find yourself in the life sci program, you have to ask yourself why. If you want to be a musician (like me) and find yourself doing computer science, it follows that you probably will never be a musician.

The reason people apply to university, college, etc. is to find a job that they are interested in. From our birth to our death, we are constantly going through phases of education, through elementary, high school and now college. To find a job. We believe that a good education = a good job and a good job = good pay.

And that’s what life is all about isn’t it? Its about money and power. We work our whole lives trying to be rich and famous, but we never achieve it. What if we followed our dreams differently? What if we took a different path? Society expects us to become doctors, lawyers, businessmen, but what if we foil society’s wishes. I do not wish to conform to the bounds of society. I am who I choose to be. I am 18 years old, and I’m well aware that my life could end today, tomorrow, or 10 years from now.

So why are you people sitting in your little microcosms of existence when you could be exploring the world and meeting new people all the time. Thats my philosophy, I am for the most part an optimistic guy and I never regret my decisions. I always look towards the future, because the past cannot be changed. You can only learn from your past, to help you on your path to tomorrow.

Do I expect to graduate from UofT? Yes, but again nothing is certain. Do I expect to find a job as a computer scientist and make lots of money? Maybe, maybe not. Most people don’t find work in their respective degrees anyways. Do I expect to get married and have kids? Again, I cannot say with much certainty. University to me is a rite of passage, I came here to meet people and I came here to discover myself. And I have achieved much of these things. Thats all I expect from university. So whether I graduate or drop out, whether I live on the streets, or become rich and famous, all these things don’t matter if you have a purpose in your life.

If you have a goal in your life, strive to attain it. Break the stereotypes. Go where no one else has gone before. We could be here today and gone tomorrow. That much I can say with certainty.

-Xitong Zou, 11/25/06