Do people hate LeBron James more than Kobe Bryant? What are some faults that people are willing to overlook for Kobe Bryant?

The double standards for Lebron and Kobe are ridiculous. Let me highlight a few.

-Lebron is widely criticized for calling himself the GOAT after he won the 2016 Finals.,is%20third%2C%E2%80%9D%20Bryant%20said.

Kobe called himself the GOAT and nobody says a word about it.

-Lebron has been nothing but a loyal father and dedicated husband. He has no off court scandals. Kobe – even if you believe he is innocent in the rape trial – at the very least cheated on his wife and he got a standing ovation when he came back from the ‘ordeal’. His fans willfully ignore this and some even bring this up as a reason why the media ‘hated’ him during his MVP years.

-Lebron has never publicly accused or shamed any teammate. Kobe has done so on many occasions.

He’s publicly blamed Smush Parker, Pau Gasol, Dwight etc and many others. Guess what? Nobody hates on Kobe for this. Instead Lebron is hated on by people for supposedly being ‘whiny’.

-Kobe fouls Gasol hard in the 2008 Olympics to show how competitive he is. He gets praised for this. He has also hard fouled or injured many other players i.e Yao Ming, Kendrick Perkins etc and nobody says anything. When Lebron accidentally did it to Isiah Stewart (and even called him to apologize later), he gets called a dirty player.

-Lebron gets called a ‘stat padder’ when he averaged 30 PPG last season but the Lakers missed the playoffs. When Kobe took 50 shots in his last game to score 60, nobody called Kobe a ‘stat padder’ even though the Lakers only won 17 games that season. Nobody calls Kobe a ‘stat padder’ even though the Lakers were getting bounced in the first round during his best years. Yet Lebron gets accused of stat padding even when he leads his team to the Finals.

-Lebron has a below average 2011 Finals and everyone says its the worst performance by any superstar ever. Got outscored by Jason Terry etc. Kobe averaged 15 PPG on 37% in the 2000 Finals and Jalen Rose outscored him by 8 PPG on 10% better efficiency and nobody says a thing (and yes he was performing badly before Jalen Rose injured him and after). Kobe also had a Finals in 2004 where he averaged 22 PPG on 37% shooting and it gets totally excused away because he had ‘drama’ with Shaq and/or Pistons defense ‘too good’. The Mavs won 57 games in 2011 and dominated their conference. The Pistons won 54 games in 2004 and went to a Game 7 vs the Nets. Lebron had 3 HoFers on his team vs 2 on the Mavs. Kobe had 4 HoFers on his team vs 1 on the Pistons. Yet somehow, everyone thinks the 2011 Finals was the bigger upset.

And people just seem to ignore Kobe’s bad performances period i.e they only remember Game 4 of the 2000 Finals where Kobe stepped up after Shaq fouled out because its the ONLY good game he had that series. In the 2008 Olympics people only remember his 2 clutch quarters vs Spain but they completely forget he sucked vs Argentina the round before.Basically for Kobe, his best moments are always remembered and his worst moments forgotten and for Lebron the opposite because everyone always brings up the 2011 Finals, the Ray Allen shot in Game 6 of 2013 Finals etc and forgets that he had that awesome Game 7 or 2013 Finals or Game 5 of the 2020 Finals etc it’s selective memory and cherry-picking.

-Kobe begged to be traded from the Lakers when the Lakers had a bad team (partly his fault since he chased out Shaq and Phil Jackson).

Instead, Kobe gets remembered for ‘bleeding purple and gold’ and Lebron is the one who is remembered for being unloyal despite the fact that Lebron has never asked for a trade in his entire career.

-Lebron is called ‘LeGM’ because everyone thinks he orchestrates all the trades for his team.Kobe not only had the power to get his teammates traded, but he directly caused Shaq and Dwight to leave LA.

Nobody hates on Kobe for this and everyone sides with him.

-Kobe tried to recruit Dirk, KG and many others.

Nobody remembers this. Not to mention, Kobe played on 2 superteams in 2004 and 2013. And Instead, Lebron is the one who is accused of ‘teaming up’ with superstars. Not to mention, Kobe fans all wanted him to team up with CP3.

-Kobe is seen as ‘carrying’ his team in 2009 and 2010 to 2 rings. Lebron is seen as ‘needing help’ and ‘super stacked’ team for his rings in Miami. Even though the numbers say otherwise.

-Lebron is statistically more clutch than Kobe is…Yet everyone thinks Kobe is more clutch.

-Lebron beats Kobe head to head 16–6 and has more playoff wins and a higher playoff winning % at 66% (vs 61% for Kobe).. and yet everyone thinks Kobe is a ‘winner’ and Lebron is a ‘loser’.

I could go on but there’s so many examples of this ridiculous double standard between them.





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