Do I have trouble with women?

So here’s a subject I rarely talk about: My relationships with women. Alot of people believe that because I don’t seem to have alot of interest in women, that I must be 1) shy around them or 2) Homosexual. The former is sort of true while the latter is false. I am to a degree, shy around women; this comes from having no female friends in high school. Do I have certain ‘requirements’ when I look for a woman? of course. Are they high standards? No.

Allow me to elaborate, here’s a few key points or ‘requirements’ that I look for in any lady (these aren’t in any order of preference):

*Tall and skinny :
Yes, well who wants a woman who’s short and wide right? I’m looking for ideally 5’5 and up (I’m 5’11), and since I weigh about 125 lbs, preferably not more than that.

*Good attitude, likable personality:
Well, clearly a person who doesn’t swear alot (I don’t swear that much), has good sense of humor and can get along with everyone is a very good thing.

*Share similar interests:
Being interested in anime, graphics, games, music, art, design, cars, gadgets, etc always helps. My interests are vast so this shouldn’t be difficult.

*Dresses/Acts like a girl, not a tomboy:
This one is a doozy since it rules out 80% of the women in my major and my workplace, but its a big one for me. Don’t try to look like a guy. Your hair shouldn’t be as short as mine. Skirts, Dresses, Heels, Flats, Earrings, etc are very very welcome! There’s a reason why you women get entire department stores to yourself and it’s certainly not to look as boring as I do.

*Able to hold an intelligent conversation:
If you got in UofT, then intelligence shouldn’t be a problem.

*Decent looking face:
I’m not looking for a gorgeous face, but as long as you’re not wearing glasses and don’t have a face full of acne, then you should be fine.

That’s it! It’s not that much, seriously. Most guys will agree with me on these points. I don’t care if you’re asian or white as long as you have these points, although being able to speak Mandarin is a definite plus! (this is beginning to sound like one of those dating ads….).
Most of my female friends however, break the tomboy rule quite often, so meeting a girl who actually dresses/acts like a girl would be nice.