Diversity quotas are BS and gaming madness

there are alot of articles like this proclaiming that tech companies should be more diverse.

The results are largely disheartening: While firms may be talking a big game, most have made very little progress.

I have a problem with this kind of criticism in general. Why is it the tech companies fault that they are not diverse? Should they just go out on the street and hire some random blacks and women? No, my point is, the reason why tech companies are full of whites and asians is because whites and asians are the most qualified, period. If more blacks and women applied to engineering jobs, then there would be more diversity, but speaking as a tech interviewer I can tell you the majority of candidates I interview are Indian men. If there was a qualified black person or woman, of course we would hire her. I don’t think we would hesitate given the gender imbalance in the workforce.

Its the same with top universities. They use affirmative action to increase their diversity quotas even though its not merit based and therefore unfair. Some schools restrict the Asian population there. But its not right because the reason why there are so many Asians at top schools and top companies is simply because more Asians work harder and study harder to get into those places. If more blacks and Mexicans worked just as hard as Asians do, then of course they should get in. But my point is that we shouldn’t limit people simply because there’s too many of that race. That sounds like reverse-racism to me.

If we do the same with universities and tech companies, then we should do the same for everything. For example, the NBA has too many black players and not enough diversity, we should let in more Asians and Mexicans. Does that sound absurd to you? Because thats using the same logic.

On another note, I got my Asus beastly gaming monster:

Asus G751 + Aorus K3 + Logitech G502
Asus G751 + Aorus K3 + Logitech G502

Asus G751 + Aorus K3 + Logitech G502 + Creative Soundblaster E5 + Sennheiser Momentum + (soon) Shure Motiv MV51 for streaming. Awesome setup. Especially love my mechanical keyboard. Once you go mechanical, you can’t go back.

I played the game ARK Survival Evolved and man it looks fantastic. Unreal Engine 4 my goodness. On my Nvidia GTX 970M I can get about 15-20fps on high now you might say thats unplayable but with G-Sync on my Asus it is actually quite playable. Here are some screenshots below, and yes these are from the actual gameplay:







Pretty crazy right? Oh and Hearthstone finally released a new expansion, which means new decks to play with! Here are three decks I’m testing with right now:






Oh, and a tin can shaped guitar. Yup. $300 and doesn’t sound too bad.



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