Despite his immense talent and forming superteams (unlike Michael Jordan), why has LeBron James only won 4 titles?

  1. Bad luck with opponents. 2014 he faced arguably the greatest Spurs team ever. and 2017 and 2018 the Warriors had probably the most unfair team in NBA history and unlike Kawhi, Bron had to face a fully healthy version both times. 2023 he faced a juggernaut Nuggets team too. Bron has had to face some ridiculously powerful opponents.
  2. Bad luck with teammates. After 2012, Wade had to undergo a 3rd surgery on his knee and wasn’t the same after. In 2015, both his co-stars were injured. In 2018, JR Smith infamously made a huge blunder. In 2021, AD got injured. In 2022, more injuries.
  3. Bad luck with coaches. His entire career, his best coach was a still-learning Erik Spo (very diff from the now veteran Spo) and Frank Vogel. His other coaches were mediocre at best. He didn’t have the luxury of a Phil Jackson or Pop or Pat Riley or Steve Kerr.
  4. Bad luck with orgs. He was drafted onto a team (Cavs) that was not run well and did not give him anything to work with. He got an old 1000 year old Shaq and 1000 year old Ben Wallace and that’s the best that front office did for him. No wonder he left.
  5. His teammates weren’t a good fit. Wade was basically just a redundant version of Bron. He couldn’t shoot well and his main scoring ability came from driving in and finishing – but that’s what Bron does even better. Bosh and Love were turned into a spot up shooters instead of being near the basket. Kyrie was a bit of a headcase as everyone knows. Westbrook was probably the worst fit of all – getting rid of him was the best thing the Lakers could have done.

So yeah.. as you can see his career has been relatively unlucky and he’s been on unstable rosters facing ridiculously OP opponents for most of his career, and that’s why him winning 4 rings despite all this bad luck is something of a miracle.


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