Cuba was great 🙂

Merry Xmas everyone. Feels like not so long ago that we just finished the 90s and now we are finished the 2000s. Well, I eagerly await the new developments that are yet to come =).

So I just came back from Cuba yesterday night and needless to say I had a great vacation there. The resort we stayed in was located in Varadero, which is a resort town.

Varadero Beach

The beaches there were very impressive, I’ve never seen such huge waves before, and they were amazing to swim in, waves included. There are also many things in Cuba which don’t occur in Canada, here are just some:

-Lots of classic/vintage cars, mostly 40s/50s models.
-No drinking/smoking age.
-Cigars are just 5 pesos for the Romeo & Juliets/Montecristos and 2 pesos for the cheaper ones.
-Cigarettes are 2.50 pesos for the Lucky Strikes and as low as .60 pesos for the cheap ones.
-Drinks and cocktails at the resort were free and the bar ws open 24/7
-Dogs and Cats were randomly roaming around the city and resort…pretty neat.

And who could forget the beaches, palm trees and sunsets? :). All in all, it was a great place, though I can’t really compare to Bahamas, Bermuda, Hawaii, Hainan, etc as this is the first island I’ve been to. The only thing is that I was pretty much chained to my parents. They had all the money and the bookings – so I felt like I was 15 again. -_-; maybe next time I will come by myself or with friends. Surprisingly there were alot of chinese people there too … maybe mostly Canadians? Anyways, the cuban rum and cigars were something to be remembered for sure, that was pretty much my xmas present :).

I think I got inspired from Cuba to do my own arrangement of the relaxing ‘Rain Song’. Enjoy!


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