Clubs in UofT

I am officially a member of the following clubs at UofT:

University of toronto anime and manga association (UTAMA)

Asian Federation of charitable university students (FOCUS)

University of toronto chinese students association (UTCSA)

Canadian Asian Students Society (CASS)

University of toronto sororities

One thing I have noticed is the abundance of asian and chinese clubs at U of T. While I support Asian diversity, it seems a bit too much. I mean, having one debate club is enough, but do we really need to have a chinese debate club, taiwan debate club, cantonese debate club, etc. Seems kinda redundant and superflous of them. It also segregates people even more. I see a Chinese students association, Hong kong student association, Taiwan student association, etc. I mean they are all a part of china for christ sake why have so many clubs. I feel like the caucasian people here are actually part of a minority and kinda left out. I don’t see many western european clubs in contrast to the vast amount of asian clubs here.

Bottom line is, while asian diversity is nice and everything, Isn’t it better to have asians and caucasians and taiwanese and japanese all get along instead of having different clubs for each? seems to me that its actually encouraging racism and ethnicism in a way instead of subverting it.





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