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  • What is the difference between DVD+R and DVD-R?

    The differences are minimal. Technically you could say the DVD+R is superior in some ways: -DVD+R is newer (released in 2002 vs 1997 for DVD-R) -DVD+R supports drag and drop -DVD+R checks for errors during recording -DVD+R users can format and record data together -DVD+R can be written many times -DVD+R less risk of interference […]

  • What is the best audio equipment brand?

    I guess I can separate this into equipment and price tiers. See, it all depends on the tier. There is no ‘best’, there could be better sounding *at the same price point* but once you get up higher in price, my belief is there is no ‘best’ or ‘better’ at the higher end, just different […]

  • What is your favorite piece of audio equipment?

    I’m going based on design (because I don’t have the financial means to own all these except the BT ones). I think all of these are very beautifully designed. Network streamers Naim Uniti Atom Cambridge Audio EVO150 Linn Klimax DSM SimAudio Moon Ace Aurender W20SE Amplifiers Accuphase E-5000 McIntosh MC901 Luxman SQ-N150 Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 Cyrus […]