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  • What do you think about gun control in the US?

      Note how all the pro-gun people are Americans. The reason is because it’s hard to understand why owning a gun is just such a vital crucial right to other nationalities. As I Canadian, I don’t really understand, and neither do Europeans or Asians. Why is it that the US has the third […]

  • Why are colder countries more developed than the warmer ones?

    My theory is this: How aggressive and wealthy a country is, is directly related to the type of environment and natural resources it has. Countries which have a colder climate and more infertile land tend to be more militarily aggressive and have a desire to expand their territories to find better land to grow crops […]

  • Is there a real Western media bias against China as claimed by so many, particularly mainland Chinese?

    Of course there’s a Western media bias against China. That shouldn’t be a shocker at all. There’s also Western media bias against many other countries as well, such as North Korea, Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, etc whoever is deemed the ‘threat’ to America at the time. This is the media doing it’s job. Every country has […]