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  • Even though South Korea has more soft power than China, why is Chinese history much more popular and well-known than Korean history?

    First I have to correct the ridiculous answer that this person posted. First of all, yes South Korea has a history of copying things. A lot of their food, companies and culture is based off of Japan. This should not be surprising however, because Korea used to be a colony of Japan. Also, yes […]

  • What are biggest misconceptions about South Korea and South Korean culture?

    That South Korean women all had plastic surgery and are not as naturally beautiful as other girls. I’ve heard this comment SO many times. It’s actually the first thing people tell me when I mention Korean women are pretty. “Yeah but they had plastic surgery” “yeah but they aren’t naturally beautiful” etc ‘Didn’t you read that one […]

  • An issue with Korea and misogynism

    I think so.. It’s disturbing to me how many violent crimes are committed against women in Korea. Maybe even more disturbing than the news is the comments by Korean men on these articles.. surprise, surprise, they have very little sympathy at all for the plight of women […]