Are there Korean guys as handsome as BTS or EXO in Korea?

Very very few.

I’m not saying this because I’m a guy but because in Korea, there are simply way more attractive women than men as a result of the gender inequality in the country and more focus on appearance there is more pressure for women to look good than men. Korean men don’t have to do makeup (although some do its a minority), they don’t have to wear short skirts in the winter (as Korean high school girls do) or high heels (as Korean female workers do) or do plastic surgery (as many Korean women do) or paint their nails or do any of that other stuff.

As a result, this leads to quite a few couples on the street you can see where the woman is simply way more attractive than her boyfriend/husband.

I see more ‘balanced’ attractiveness in other countries. China, Taiwan, Canada, USA etc in general the girl might be equal or prettier on average but not by a lot and in some cases uglier. In Korea, I almost never see a handsome guy with an ugly girl, its quite rare to see that.

The guys like BTS or EXO is like 1 out of 500 I think in Korea. Now, the girls like SNSD or Red Velvet or AOA something like that is more like 1 out of 50 in Korea. Just to show you the difference. Its just way more common to see a pretty girl than a handsome guy. Handsome guys in Korea as a result, can get pretty much most girls they desire. Pretty girls on the other hand, might still struggle to find a good guy.

They have much more success abroad. Most of my Korean female friends told me when they go to China or America the number of guys that hit on them go up by at least 5 times. An ‘average’ girl in Korea (who cannot get a handsome guy in Korea) would be considered quite above average in other countries, due to high appearance standards in Korea. The irony is, ‘average guys’ in Korea (who are able to get attractive girls in Korea) are not particularly more popular in other countries especially in America because American women generally don’t care about Asian men the same way American men care about Asian women.

My advice is Korean women should go abroad to find guys, while Korean men should stay in their country. They have the best chances to meet the guy/girl they want that way.






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