An unforgettable experience

The movie Limitless is about a drug that makes the user feel more energized, like he/she can do so many things at once. Mind constantly thinking. Body constantly moving. I think that movie may be referencing some part of the drug LSD.

I had the unforgettable experience of having an acid trip yesterday. I can remember the details very clearly. I took the first tablet around 11:30 am. When I took it, I thought that it would have an immediate effect and so I was disappointed when it wasn’t working right away. I went back to take another tablet around 1pm. Around 2:30 pm (after around 2-3 hours), I started feeling really jittery, like my hands/body started shaking. It got more interesting. I was at the park (San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Gardens) with my guitar playing some songs at the time, hoping that acid could help make me more creative.

At about 3 hours in (3 pm), I started noticing everything is much more detail than before. I could notice distinct patterns left by water, dirt, grime, footprints, etc. They had a different color to them and stood out more. Patterns on the wall and floor were moving and swirling in a way thats hard to describe. Color especially was much more pronounced, vivid, richer and intense. For example, seeing someone walk down the street with a blue coat was instantly noticeable, because it would be glowing. In the entire park I could locate all the blue trash bins and green trash bins. Water trickling down the fountain left green marks. Flowers and leaves had two or three colors to them. Some buildings which might have a had a bit of color to them when the sun shone upon it suddenly became orange and bright. Everything that might have had a tint of color suddenly has those colors really magnified. Everything was in more detail. The pattern on the floors, the red handbag or green shoes that someone was wearing, each individual flower blossom that was colored differently, all jumped out at me, becoming much more intense and I started noticing things which I had not noticed before. Some buildings even had multiple colors on them. Tiny, insignificant details become much more easy to see. I remember walking around and staring at the floors and walls, just looking around at different people, objects, buildings and windows remarking about how intensely colored and bright they were. This color / pattern effect lasted for maybe 2 hours. I also remember how happy I was. I was just smiling at everything while admiring all the color/intensity/patterns. People must’ve thought I was crazy.

That day I also had a date at 6pm. The next 4 hours was something different. At around 5pm, the colors / patterns / textures ability had vanished and I felt like I had limitless energy now. The energy was amazing. My body felt like it had infinite stamina, like I could run around the entire city block in 30 minutes. My mind was constantly racing, like it needed something to do, and my hands, fingers and feet were constantly moving. I felt that if I stopped, then it was a waste of time because so much needed to be done. It was hard to focus on stuff because my hands were so jittery and my mind was constantly racing, but I had so much energy. In fact I remember walking downtown, going into every store, walking back up to my apartment, recording a song on my guitar, and walking back downtown in just 15 minutes (!!!). I was just moving so fast, I felt like everyone else had slowed down. People were too slow, they thought too slow, and I was too impatient to stop. I felt like I had to be doing something all the time, like I could do 20 things in one minute. The analogy I can think of is that feeling that you get when you know you have to do something but some feeling is making you procrastinate, be lazy, etc. Or when you take a jog, or workout, and feel like you are extremely tired or sore afterwards. LSD, at least for this second effect, removes all those barriers. You literally feel like you could do anything, and everything in the span of a day.

My date for that night was an international student so I had to clarify some things I said in English to her. Because I was still in this really intense energetic second phase of LSD at the time, I felt like my mind never really ran out of things to say or do. LSD is not a dangerous drug, and your mind is still aware of all social situations and norms. So on this particular date, I felt like I was doing almost all the talking. And I was kind of annoyed at her always asking me to slow down, repeat something, etc. I felt it was a waste of time to talk to some one if they can’t respond to you right away. It was also easier to make decisions; no longer was I staring at a food menu for minutes wondering what to eat. I decided what I was having in 2 seconds, and suggested something for my date as well in another 2 seconds. I instantly know within the first 2 seconds of meeting someone whether I want to continue talking to that person or if they are a waste of my time.

Towards the end of the date at around 9:30pm, I started to slow down and my brain started to go back to normal instead of hyper-mode. But the experience that I had yesterday just confirms to me that LSD can really change your perspective on things. I figured out that too much time in our daily lives is wasted being lazy, too much energy wasted on dealing with people that are too slow, and we spend too much time thinking about some frivolous thing that just happened in our relationship or workplace or school and not enough about the big picture; time can be used more efficiently. Life is short, so take some risks. I am a bit disappointed that LSD did not help my creativity or help me create some awesome song on my guitar; I found out that I was too unfocused and moving too fast to create anything good. But the overall effect of LSD is that it amplifies everything. Colors, textures and patterns seem much more distinct intense. Sense of touch, smell and taste is amplified. Your body feels like it has limitless energy; there’s no sense of tiredness or soreness, you just move, react and process information much faster. There’s no feeling of laziness or wasting time. You become more confident, decisive and feel in control of everything. Sense of appetite and thirst is diminished (in fact I didn’t need to eat lunch or dinner to do all that moving I was doing).

But the downside is that inability to focus on anything. Couldn’t stand still. Couldn’t stay on one topic too long. Couldn’t wait in line. Couldn’t bother to correct anything. Couldn’t bother to read anything lengthy. Hands/fingers were moving too fast to grasp or do anything well (I remember spilling my coffee on myself and how I had trouble using the iphone keyboard, I imagine driving would be pretty dangerous). Always had to be constantly moving, thinking, reacting. I had trouble sleeping that night, and I probably only slept around 2-3am.

But all in all it was a good trip and it felt like one heck of a day to me. I had the amazing ability to see everything in fine details, color, patterns, and textures for about 2 hours. And I felt superhuman for the next 4 hours after that. To clarify, LSD is not a dangerous or addictive drug (although it can make you overconfident and have impaired motor skills), and the effects are not exaggerated like in movies and TV (its much more subtle). I think if only the power of acid could make us process information quicker, make decisions faster, eliminate fatigue and stress, move faster, AND make us stay focused, then indeed it could be that drug in Limitless (without the side effect of killing you of course).