An issue with Korea and misogynism

I think so..

It’s disturbing to me how many violent crimes are committed against women in Korea.

Maybe even more disturbing than the news is the comments by Korean men on these articles.. surprise, surprise, they have very little sympathy at all for the plight of women here. And their excuse is “it happens in other countries too” which to me is a lame excuse not to improve on their own society.

Now I’m hardly an SJW, but I just find in my experience Korea has a misogynistic culture and the men here rarely have any sympathy for women here – sure it happens in Western countries too but the penalty for sex and violent crimes in Western countries are a lot more harsh than in Korea – and Western men also tend to have more sympathy for women than Korean men do. Hell, even China has a harsher penalty for sex and violent crimes than Korea does.

Add onto that that Korean society sexualizes women a lot and virtually all their laws are structured in a way that is disadvantageous to them, that they are the victim for the majority of crimes in Korea and the high suicide rate amongst young women, then I have to say I’m baffled that most Korean women I know still end up staying in this country and marrying a Korean man instead of finding a ‘better’ life aboard. In addition to that the fact that a lot of foreigner women seem to be attracted here by the fantasies of dating and marrying a Korean man.

But this is only talking about crimes…

-in Korea, abortion was only legalized in 2019 (China for example legalized it in the 80s)

-98% of CEOs in Korea are male,

-very few Korean women do things like cut their hair short lest they be made fun of by Korean men for being a tomboy,

-any Korean women promoting feminism (like the late Sulli RIP) are ostracized and bullied,

-up until recently Korean wives could be punished for adultery but not the men,

-the laws and fines for Korean women committing crimes are often far more severe than for Korean men,

-the punishment for rape and sexual crimes in Korea are very lenient compared to other developed societies

-Korean women are required to wear makeup and dress up nearly all the time,

-Korean women are often fired from their companies if they get pregnant,

-Korean women have a harder time finding a job or partner if they are divorced,

-Korean women are often forced to endure cold weather wearing skirts in certain occupations (and also the school uniform),

-Korean women’s suicide rate is higher than the men, Korean women have to traditionally prepare the foods during events such as Chuseok or Seollal,

-Korean women traditionally have to cook and take care of the babies

But it’s often Korean males who complain about inequality because of the military conscription, which is ironic considering all the inequalities that Korean women face.

It’s actually quite obvious and clear that Korean society is patriarchal and even though some progress has been made in the last decade, it’s still very much more patriarchal than most other developed countries.