2022: Year in Review

Every year, I do a year in review, with highlights and lowlights and a summary so this is my year in review for 2022.


-Got featured in a Netflix documentary (Trust No One: Hunt for the Crypto King) – this documentary was actually shot in Apr 2021 but finally aired this year.
-Saw my Kong co-workers (most of them for the 1st time) in San Francisco, it was a work event with conferences and meetings but I got to know a lot of co-workers better and hang out with them after work and go drinking with them which was nice
-Quit my job and went back to Korea for about 2 months, met some longtime Korean friends as well as my gf. I had been waiting for this moment for over 2.5 years and hadn’t been able to go back to Korea since the pandemic started, and finally they unblocked travel there for Canadians in Apr. Went to a lot of Korean spas, ate a lot of good food, stayed at some rented houses in the Korean countryside. It was a lot of fun. I also got engaged with my gf!
-Got a new job at Godaddy which was exactly what I was looking for – a remote job at a bigger company than my last one.
-Got closer with some of my Vancouver friends and made some new Korean/Japanese friends in Vancouver from going to some meetups and house parties which is cool! I’m finally going outside and meeting new people again! And I hosted a house party and co-hosted another one! Yay for getting back into that groove again..
-Met my parents again at Christmas time
-Met my brother in Vancouver around April/May was cool to meet and hang out with him there


-Although the work at Kong was getting to be a bit much to me, my co-workers at Kong were cool people, and I will definitely miss them especially after I just got to meet most of them in person
-It’s probably the last time I’ll see my grandma (who has been wasting away for nearly 8 years now from dementia) and my cat (who is 19 years in human age now.. yes she is really getting up there in age)
-Still having lots of fights and arguments with my gf, especially after I came back to Vancouver from Korea. Long distance has always been difficult but she is impatient, has a quick temper, is easy to get offended and is quite demanding of me. 
-My new job at Godaddy pays me less salary than my Kong gig did due to using CAD instead of USD. Boo…that’s essentially a 30% paycut.
-My brother couldn’t come to the Christmas gathering due to having covid. 
-Finance wise a lot of bad luck happened towards the end of the year. I lost roughly $3000 from various mishaps (I have a video explaining it at the bottom of this post)


2022 is overall a better year than 2021.. but that’s not saying much cause 2021 is on record as the second worst year of my life after 2018. I would put it right next to 2020 probably. 2020 in retrospect was not as bad as I thought, the beginning of the year was eventful going to SF and hanging out with my SF friends and I was able to go to a company retreat in Arizona and later in the year hang out with my good friend in LA for a month. Plus I still had most of my friends at that time who later disappeared or blocked me after the pandemic started. So it wasn’t as bad as I thought. 2022 well seeing myself on Netflix is surreal, and meeting my Kong coworkers was nice and also making new Vancouver friends was nice too but definitely the 2 months in Korea was the highlight. At the time I wasn’t working so I could spend time to do whatever I wanted in Korea, which is a good feeling. Traveled to a few places in Korea and relaxed at various spas with my gf and my American buddy friend. So definitely that highlight puts 2022 a bit higher than 2020 perhaps, but still below my peak years (2011-2017) which I consider that period the best years of my life. I was 23-29 years old in the prime of my life and the time I spent in SF and Korea during that time was unforgettable. So it’s going to be hard for any year to match it – even a year which I got engaged. Plus all the financial crap that I had to go through at the end of this year kind of dulled it. See my video below where I detailed all the crazy financial BS that happened to me.



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