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  • Debunking the top 10 Kobe / Lebron myths and exposing the double standard

    Kobe Bryant. It’s hard to imagine a more polarizing player. Kobe is arguably the most popular player of all time (possibly even more than Jordan due to his exposure in China). He has a massive legion of incredibly devoted fans, and he was the most well marketed player of his generation (due to no small […]

  • Top 25 greatest NBA players by position + other NBA rankings

    Now that the NBA season has ended (and what a season it was!) now comes to time to revisit the top 100 greatest players of all time, as well as the top NBA players by position. I’ve decided to discard my old post on this since that post was made back in 2013, and this […]

  • Which do you like better, Pokémon or Digimon? Why?

    I like Digimon better personally. First let’s acknowledge the facts: Pokemon has the better games, Digimon has the better anime. This is not disputable. Pokemon RPG games all follow a common theme, explore various towns and dungeons, catch and train pokemon and defeat other trainers. They have a lot of depth and complexity in these […]

  • What are some of the biggest myths in NBA history?

    There’s quite a few I want to debunk.. Myth #1: Russell/Wilt played against short white plumbers The average height of NBA players back then was only 1 inch shorter. Every team had a center that was 6′9 or taller. And yes some worked part time jobs because they weren’t paid enough by the NBA back […]

  • Who has been the best/worst US president and why?

    I’m going to name two Republicans as both the best and worst of modern times Best Dwight Eisenhower – Ended the Korean War, Responsible for the Interstate highway system, established NASA, as well as starting off desegregation. Warned us about the military industrial complex. A war hero and a great American. Worst This guy… what […]

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