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  • Debunking the top 10 Kobe / Lebron myths and exposing the double standard

    Kobe Bryant. It’s hard to imagine a more polarizing player. Kobe is arguably the most popular player of all time (possibly even more than Jordan due to his exposure in China). He has a massive legion of incredibly devoted fans, and he was the most well marketed player of his generation (due to no small […]

  • Top 25 greatest NBA players by position + other NBA rankings

    Now that the NBA season has ended (and what a season it was!) now comes to time to revisit the top 100 greatest players of all time, as well as the top NBA players by position. I’ve decided to discard my old post on this since that post was made back in 2013, and this […]

  • Which NBA player has the worst fans and why?

    Definitely Kobe Bryant. I’ve certainly argued with my share of NBA fans across the Youtube-verse, Twitter-space, Facebook groups, and Quora spaces, but by far the most ignorant, casual and uneducated fans I’ve had the displeasure of dealing with are Kobe fans. They are probably the most infuriating most brainwashed people this side of Trump supporters […]

  • Who is better, Steph Curry or Kobe Bryant?

    I think this is an interesting question. Both Curry and Kobe are hovering around that ‘edge of top 10’ greatness (yes I know a lot of Kobe fans put him in GOAT convo but lets ignore those people). Let’s break down their strengths and weaknesses: Scoring: Both are fantastic scorers, but do it in different […]

  • What is the difference between DVD+R and DVD-R?

    The differences are minimal. Technically you could say the DVD+R is superior in some ways: -DVD+R is newer (released in 2002 vs 1997 for DVD-R) -DVD+R supports drag and drop -DVD+R checks for errors during recording -DVD+R users can format and record data together -DVD+R can be written many times -DVD+R less risk of interference […]