Wow old sites still exist…

Wow, I just did a random search for my name on Google and guess what showed up? My old websites that I made back in 2002! That was way back when I was in middle school so I had no idea they still existed!

There were four sites all hosted by angelfire and 8 years later I guess they still exist… one is on DBZ (I was obsessed with it back then), one on Liero (A DOS game I played alot), one on Chrono Trigger (another game I played alot) and another was my anime graphics site Japanime. If anyone is still interested to see what I did back when I was learning about web design, here ya go:

And the DBZ Fantasy site actually contains alot of information, I’m surprised I had that much information on it. Now if only I could have made a site like Youtube or Facebook back then… still though it brings back good memories.

And… more videos:
This Hendrix one is quite ballistic.. I’m using on overdrive channel, with a tubescreamer, wah, whammy AND slide all with reverb up to 5… so yeah its insane.

On the other end, we have the beautiful Hendrix song May this be love, which I love to play (but my voice is not that par):


2 responses to “Wow old sites still exist…”

  1. Oh man, DBZ of all things, on an angelfire site, lol. Good job having lots of original content, and a Poll! (My vote would be for either GW or Other, haha.) The first in revolutionizing visitor feedback excluding guestbooks. Actually, good job for just being able to recognize your old urls, back when /e14/TokyoClub/Heroes/anime/DBGT345 url styling was rampant.

    And that glitter .gif bg. Brings back so many awesome memories. I originally wanted to make a site with my friends with character profiles, a gallery, and EPISODE SUMMARIES. But this brings back the embarrassing memories too. Like white Times New Roman in 12pt, on a completely black bg. I thought it was the coolest effect ever, besides making your own flaming banners, lol.

  2. So true about the flaming banners and other effects. I think I was browsing alot of JavaScript sites like webmonkey and dynamic drive then putting in whatever I thought looked cool… but did you see that splash screen? Haha, good old DHTML… now we have AJAX and Flash to do all that =P

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