Working away…

I finished my GSoC proposal finally, and more details as well as the proposal itself can be viewed on a separate page in my portfolio section.

I’ve been pretty busy recently despite only taking three courses. I have an interview today and tomorrow with Cast-soft and Globalive, respectively. I am getting IBM job referrals. My 301 team is finally making progress on the family tree viewer. I’m making money from stocks and ebay. My other courses, economics and 318 are doing fairly well too.

Overall, life is good. But how long will it keep up? Despite all these job interviews and 70s/80s in my courses, I am still worried about not being to get a PEY for next year or GSoC turning me down. I still have a massive amount of debt I have to pay off. My family is getting concerned about supporting me. I am not sure if I can push my GPA over 2.5 by the end of this semester. But I guess I’ll have to hope.

In addition to this, I feel really lonely. I have been a loner my whole life, but even when I’ve made some achievements, it would be nice if someone out there could appreciate me for them. It seems like I am always willing to do things for others but they are never willing to even talk to me or thank me for anything.

Overall, life is all about these experiences both good and bad and you have to get used to it.