Work, work

Lots of work to be done at Environment Canada; Three people on our Core team have been moved or left, so now we only have me and three others who are essentially maintaining the core. The next release of the Core is planned for end of September:

Tasks to be done:
-Modify the metadata updating procedure in the core. Waiting for stored procedures to be added.
-Testing of Element Mapping lookups…having trouble with the unit tests.
-Element Mapping parsing is weird…waiting for encoding issue to be resolved.
-Ninjo Station Catalog PG design document is set to be reviewed later this week, and I will have to write the code soon.

Other than that, I still have no luck finding a part time job, I’m making fair losses in stocks which require me to inject more capital in, my debt actually increased by $1000 during the summer despite working and I have to pay back my car loan =(. I also have to go to court in 6 months to fight a parking ticket -_-. A nice cuban cigar and fine french wine is in order! (of course those cost money as well).

Latest recordings:

A new recording of a Jimi Hendrix classic; I admit I jammed quite a bit on this one, it’s over 10 min long!

Also, a new version of instrumental Desperado which probably sounds better since I’m not singing!

Some more recordings I am planning soon include a cover of Steve Miller’s The Joker and maybe some more John Mayer/Jimi Hendrix covers.