Why should I never go to China?

You should go to China. As many other answers said, it’s a beautiful country with lots of history.


Just realize there are things in China that might shock Westerners or even Koreans/Japanese.

-China is a country where everyone is out for themselves, this makes it hard to trust people. You never know when you might be getting scammed. Some food or drinks are fake, but advertised as real. A Chinese friend of mine told me how she put rubbing alcohol in the vodka bottle to make it look like real vodka and sold it to high end hotel guests. This kind of stuff is not uncommon. So just beware.

-People are indeed very loud, and it is very crowded. If you prefer peace and quiet and are claustrophobic, then it might not be for you.

-Pollution is bad especially in northern parts of China. If you have conditions like asthma like me just be aware of this. In southern parts its not as bad.

-There’s no toilet paper in the stalls. So.. just remember to bring toilet paper with you when you go to the bathroom. This was a minor annoyance for me.

-You could think China is dirty especially compared to Japan or Singapore, but keep in mind… this is a country of 1.3 billion people. You think India is doing any better with that much people?

-Use VPN if you want to visit foreign websites. Chinese don’t care about the censorship that much since they don’t have reason to visit foreign websites, but I know for foreigners this is kind of a hassle.

-You actually can criticize the CCP or Xi Jinping as much as you want as long as you don’t actively do something against them. So yeah don’t do some demonstrations or something, but otherwise you are ok..

-Anything that is “illegal” is not actually illegal if you know the right people or places. 😉 just a tip.

I noticed there are a lot of answers which are either too biased to China or too biased against it, I’m trying to give people an unbiased answer in the middle.

My opinion is China is a great place to visit but not to live. As a place to live maybe Korea or Japan are better choices, but China does offer the most variety and most scenery and history out of all of them which is why I recommend it for travelling.