Why is Crazy Rich Asians considered groundbreaking for diversity and representation? Aren’t there tons of Asian actors in popular movies and TV?

To tell you the truth, this isn’t my favorite romantic comedy starring an Asian American lead, that would be Shanghai Kiss

(btw, Ken Leung gets with two white chicks + two chinese chicks in the film so some Asian american guys might be happy about that)

But Shanghai Kiss is unfortunately an indie film so was not widely released, so Crazy Rich Asians is the first wide release film starring Asian-American majority in 25 years. Which is why its such a big deal.

But aren’t there tons of other Asian actors in popular movies and TV shows like u said? Well let’s go over them

-Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee and Jet Li are always in martial arts style films. They rarely get more developed than that. Plus Jackie and Jet weren’t Asian Americans.

-John Cho was great in Harold & Kumar and I love that film series. But it’s a stoner comedy and is not a ‘mainstream’ film I would say

-Jay Chou in Green Hornet. Rain in Ninja Assassin and Speed Racer. Chow Yun Fat in a variety of films. They aren’t Asian American, and those movies bombed anyway. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Stephen Chow’s movies aren’t American films.

That’s about it for Asian men.

Asian women get more representation in American movies, but often as stereotypes

-Lucy Liu is usually in movies where she is an ass kicking love interest for a white guy lead

-Michelle Yeoh, Zhang Ziyi, Tang Wei, Gong Li, Fan Bing Bing, Claudia Kim, Fann Wong etc are in some American films but they aren’t Asian American and same as above ^.

-Jamie Chung, Brenda Song, Ming Na Wen, Lauren Tom, Sandra Oh, T.V Carpio etc also usually get roles where they are chased by white guys

-Kelly Hu, Tamilyn Tomita, great actresses just wish they were in more well known movies (well Tamilyn obviously had Karate Kid II but again, a love interest for the white kid..)

Actually its pretty incredible just how often Asian girls get cast in American movies as ‘ass kicking fierce love interests for white men’ but its almost all their roles!

But yeah Randall Park + Constance Wu in fresh off the boat, love it. This is just the natural extension of FOB into the world of movies, and I think it’s definitely a game changer considering all the stereotypical roles I just posted for Asians in hollywood


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