Why do men still dominate women in non-physical activities like pool, video games, chess, and poker?

Men are biologically more competitive – this is something that was needed in order for men to be the main breadwinner dating back our hunter-gatherer days.

So it’s not just physical sports that men dominate women at. Yes men are physically stronger, faster more athletic than women but also we are more competitive which makes us more likely to dominate even in non physical activities. Pool, Darts, Chess, Video Games, Poker (and to a lesser extent Bowling and Golf although they are sort of physical sports) etc are all examples of that.

We can conversely see that there are three types of activities women are more popular at:

  1. Sports that require the women to dress in eye catching or skimpy outfits – Tennis, Golf, Beach Volleyball and Figure Skating – this is not because women are better at these than men but because they wear more attractive outfits and thus get more attention
  2. Sports that require nimbleness i.e gymnastics or activities like Yoga
  3. Casual games like Animal Crossing, The Sims, Pokemon etc that don’t have a competitive element to them

Men dominate virtually everything else.





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