Why do many Chinese netizens hate Koreans?

mainland Chinese people, especially netizens are incredibly nationalistic. I would say that its more that they hate EVERY other Asian country. Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam etc I think a lot of it is due to 1) arrogance because China is the world’s #2 power and 2) jealousy of Korea/Japan due to them having more cultural influence despite China’s 5000 year history of being more powerful than them.

But, there’s no reason for China to hate Korea:

-Korea has never invaded China in its history, or any other country for that matter

-Online rumors of “korea claims ____ (of Chinese origin) is korean” is totally false. I have many Korean friends, and none of them believe this nonsense.

-More Chinese tourists do plastic surgery in Korea than native Koreans do. I have friends who work at plastic surgery clinics who know this to be true, plus you can look up the stats. Also, most Korean women have not done plastic surgery. This is exaggerated by online rumors.

-Both Korea and China were invaded and horrible things done to them by the Japanese

-the THAAD placed in Korea was USA’s doing, not Korea

-China is Korea’s #1 trading partner and Korea is China’s #3 trading partner.

-Lots of Koreans are learning Chinese to do business with them. Lots of Kpop stars release Chinese versions of their songs to appeal to Chinese. How many Chinese are learning Korean?

in my opinion there shouldn’t be any ill will between the two countries; there just isn’t any valid justification for China hating Korea. The reason seems to stem from misconceptions, false rumors and jealousy, that’s it. It’s unfortunate.

For example, I was making ramen with my Chinese friend one time and he noticed I had a bag of Shin Ramyun and said ‘Oh you know what? Chinese ramen is better! you should try it!’ like even something like a freaking bag of ramen… and you know what, Chinese people seem to think that Koreans think they are superior but in my time in Korea I never once met a Korean who said something like ‘___ (Korean) thing is the best / better than Chinese!’ I never met any girls who boasted that Korean girls were superior to Chinese girls, etc. It’s bizarre how Chinese just randomly antagonize Koreans without any factual proof or evidence.