Why can’t men accept that they do not face sexism?

I think I’ll give a simple example of sexism that we see everyday that people might not be aware of.

These are female jeans. Nothing special right? Did you know that jeans were originally invented for cowboys and miners? i.e for men? They weren’t widely worn by women until relatively recently. Now they are commonplace. In fact, women weren’t wearing trousers/pants very often until fairly recently. We are more used to seeing this:

(it was more conservative back then) but my point is dresses and skirts are exclusively for women. They were designed for women and they are exclusively worn by women (drag queens and trans not excepting).

The thing is, if a guy tried to wear women’s clothing i.e a dress or skirt, he would be ridiculed. but girls wear men’s clothing all the time i.e blazers, jeans, pants etc.

If you go to any department store or any clothing store, you will realize almost 80% of the store is dedicated to women, and 20% is for men and/or kids. I’ve always found this to be quite sexist. (not saying that I want to wear a dress, I’m just pointing out)

Why do women have such a wide variety of clothes to wear? Why can’t men have the same? Women have almost so much more choices than guys its crazy. For me, when I go outside I am limited in choosing what to wear. For girls they could wear a dress, or they could wear pants. They could wear flats or they could wear heels.

It frustrates me that men have so little choice in what to wear. And society frowns upon men who wear more crazy outfits, but for women its “chic” and “stylish”. You see this sexism everyday in most cultures in the world actually, and no one complains about it.

Society does not look down on femininity as a weakness for women. It’s only a weakness if a guy is found to be feminine. Because society expects guys to be “masculine” whatever connotations that implies. Femininity is actually a positive trait for women and men often prefer feminine women to masculine women. How many guys prefer girls wear dresses/skirts compared to guys who wear pants/jeans? How many guys prefer slim women to muscular women? Women are only able to dress masculine and remain attractive so long so as they still have some feminine traits i.e long hair. If a woman tries to become masculine i.e cut their hair really short then its seen as a negative and she would be assumed to be a lesbian by some men. Feminine is a positive trait for women and a negative trait for men. Conversely, Masculine is a positive trait for men and a negative trait for women.