Why are some people so bothered by White males with a preference for Asian girls?

White guys with yellow fever (i.e have a preference for Asian girls) date girls purely because they have a certain look, that’s it. I used to have a friend who used to justify his yellow fever with statements like ‘oh I like Asian culture better etc’ but in the end, he dated ALL Asian girls and not just from Asia, from America too. Asian American girls AND Asian girls from Asia. This implies that there was absolutely nothing culture related because Asian-American girls have the exact same culture – it was purely because they looked Asian that’s it.

Is that an acceptable reason to prefer someone? Sure, as long as you don’t give me any questions if I say something like ‘oh I prefer white girls because they look white’. It’s the exact same thing. Another thing is the double standard. People are a lot more accepting of white men dating asian girls than asian guys dating [insert non Asian race here]. Heck, even dating other Asians. I got way more questions about me dating Korean girls than my white friend ever did when he dated all these Asian girls. Probably because Western media and Hollywood has made people more comfortable with white guys + asian girls than any other interracial pairing. That’s kind of unfair though. Asian guys get way more questions and judgment when they date another race than when Asian girls do, and that’s not fair.


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