Why are people still supporting the Democratic party?

I’m an independent, I’m liberal on some issues, conservative on others. The Republican party USED to be a good party that actually aligned with conservative values, but sometime after Ronald Reagan it started drifting from those conservative values (like being fiscally conservative and small government) and started drifting towards the extreme right, and becoming completely crazy.

The Democratic party has some huge problems as well, for one thing I am solidly against SJWs, political correctness and extreme feminism that is going on today. I am also against illegal immigration.

But if only going with those two choices, I’m going to choose the lesser of two evils. Right now unfortunately the Republican party has been taken over by hateful ignorant bigots who think they are more patriotic than everyone else and resorts to name calling like ‘libtards’ if you don’t agree with them, while the Democratic party has more open minded people that are actually willing to engage in a decent conversation so despite not being a liberal, I know which one I am leaning towards.





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