Who were the most passionate players in NBA history?

If you mean intensity and always gave 100% on the court, theres a few:

-Bill Russell would throw up before every big game – he had a psychological desire to win games not unlike Michael Jordan

-similarly Jerry West would feel physically sick if he lost a game.

-Rick Barry still holds grudges against his former teammates to this day for small things like missing an inbounds pass

-Dave Cowens would foul out quite often because of his intensity, there’s a famous video of him sliding aross the floor for a loose ball in the 1974 finals i believe

-Michael Jordan, obviously had a psychological competitiveness and in his HOF speech still held grudges against former players and coaches

-Dennis Rodman and his zeal for rebounding, its like he had a psychological need to rebound. Also other undersized rebounders like Charles Barkley and Wes Unseld; you need to be ferocious to be undersized yet still outrebound everyone else.

-Kobe Bryant, inherited a lot of Jordan’s competitiveness, also an asshole to his teammates much like early Jordan and Barry

-Isiah Thomas, Allen Iverson and Russell Westbrook, small guys who just gave 110% every time they were out on the court