Who is the most underrated NBA player in history?

All the ABA dudes, but especially Mel Daniels

Here’s his accomplishments

18.4 PPG / 14.9 RPG / 1.8 APG – he is the ABA’s all time leading rebounder at only 6′9 tall

3x Champion, 2x MVP, 7x All Star, 5x All-ABA, ROTY, All Star game mvp

For a guy of this many accomplishments he almost never gets mentioned, even by Pacer fans. Pacer fans widely regard Reggie Miller instead, while Mel (with better stats and more awards) gets neglected – mainly because he played in the ABA

Another dude I would throw out there is Bob Pettit for a guy who averages 26/16 (that rebounding number is third all time for averages) and won 1 ring and 2 MVPs and the only guy to beat Bill Russell in the Finals, he sure gets left out of alot of conversations.

I think ABA players get shafted a lot – when the NBA lists records and achievements they exclude ABA players records and achievements. But those players should be better known because some of them are just as good or better than NBA players. For example, did you know Julius Erving is actually a 3 time champion and 4 time MVP if you include his ABA accomplishments? Did you know that Dan Issel is actually a top 20 scoring leader all time if you combine his NBA and ABA achievements? Did you know that Artis Gilmore and Mel Daniels are possibly top 10 centers all time if you value their ABA achievements the same as an NBA player’s? And the achievements for already great NBA legends like George Gervin, Moses Malone, Erving, Rick Barry, Connie Hawkins, Spencer Haywood, George McGinnis, Billy Cunningham etc become even greater if their ABA awards and achievements were counted. So yes those guys are all in the HOF but they almost never get mentioned amongst NBA fans due to the NBA never acknowledging their ABA achievements but they *should* because those players were just as great. Mel Daniels, Artis Gilmore (2 of the greatest ABA players ever) weren’t inducted until 2012. Spencer Haywood wasn’t inducted until a year ago. George McGinnis, a 20/10 player with an MVP in the ABA, wasn’t inducted until this year 2017.