Who is the most underrated NBA player in history?

All time it’s between Mel Daniels, Rick Barry, Artis Gilmore and Bob Pettit

All of the ABA guys are underrated, but Mel Daniels and Artis Gilmore stand out:

Here’s Mel Daniels’ accomplishments:

18.4 PPG / 14.9 RPG / 1.8 APG – he is the ABA’s all time leading rebounder at only 6′9 tall

3x Champion, 2x MVP, 7x All Star, 5x All-ABA, ROTY, All Star game mvp

For a guy of this many accomplishments he almost never gets mentioned, even by Pacer fans. Pacer fans widely regard Reggie Miller instead, while Mel (with better stats and more awards) gets neglected – mainly because he played in the ABA

Rick Barry’s accomplishments

24.8 PPG / 6.7 RPG / 4.9 APG

12x All-Star, 10x All-ABA/NBA, 2x Champion, 1 Finals MVP

Rick Barry has been historically underrated because of his fickle personality, but the guy was a huge competitor – and nowadays people praise Kobe and Jordan for having essentially that same ultra competitive personality. Barry holds the highest Finals scoring average of all time at 36 PPG – ahead of Jordan. He was a player that was near unstoppable on offense in his prime but rarely if ever gets mentioned today – his own son Brent Barry took Dr J over him on the Open Court All Decade 1970s episode.

Artis Gilmore

18.8 PPG / 12.3 RPG / 2.3 APG

11x All Star, 5x All ABA, 5x All-Def, 1x Champion, 1x MVP, 1x Finals MVP

Nobody with a resume like this should wait 2 decades before Hall of Fame induction but that’s what happened to Artis Gilmore. He was basically the Wilt of the ABA – massive strength and height and remarkable mobility for his size. A beast defensively and the most efficient scorer of all time, as he had 62% FG% for his career which is ridiculous. Rarely gets mentioned in the greatest NBA centers discussion and left out of the NBA’s 50 greatest players (because NBA does not count ABA awards)

Bob Pettit

26 PPG / 16 RPG / 3 APG

11x All Star, 11x All-NBA, 2x Scoring champ, 2x MVP, 1x Champion, (1x Finals MVP if it was awarded back then)

Look at that ridiculous resume. He has the third highest rebounding average of all time only behind Russell and Wilt. He averaged more PPG than Kobe, Shaq, Kareem and Karl Malone. The only player to beat Bill Russell in a Finals. And yet he’s always left out of greatest PFs conversations? Modern fans discredit Pettit because of the era he played in, but he played in the same era as Elgin Baylor, Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain. He retired only 4 years before Russell. And he was WHITE! that means it’s not even a matter of him having athletic advantages. So what’s the deal with him not being brought up more?

Modern NBA wise it’s between Chris Paul and Dwight Howard

the case for Chris Paul

18.3 PPG / 4.5 RPG / 9.4 APG

11x All-Star, 10x All-NBA, 9x All-Def, 4x Assist leader, 6x Steals leader

Arguably the most well rounded PG in NBA history. Not only is he a great scorer and defender and distributor, but he’s also a great shooter, he has a higher PER than guys like Kareem, Kobe, Duncan and Magic and has a higher WS/48 than any player in NBA history except for Jordan and David Robinson. He holds the fourth highest APG of all time after Magic Johnson, John Stockton and Oscar Robertson. He holds the second best assist to turnover ratio of all time after Muggsey Bogues. And he’s doing all this while being about the same size as Allen Iverson.

Why is CP3 so underrated? because I see comments like this

from ignorant fans who think CP3 choked all the time when really his ONLY choke job was in 2015. 2018 against the Warriors he was injured so how could he have possibly choked when he couldn’t even play in the game?

CP3 has had way more clutch moments than choke moments.


and that’s literally the only reason why people don’t put him in the top 5. It’s because of ONE series. Which is ridiculous to me. Is Magic not a top 5 PG because he choked in 1984? Is Kobe not a top 5 SG because he choked in 2004 and blew a 3–1 lead in 2006? So why is CP3 not a top 5 PG because of 2015? He’s been proven to elevate every team he’s been on from the Hornets to the Clippers to the Rockets to OKC (where he had a supporting cast barely better than what Curry had this year), to the Suns where he makes the Finals at 36 years old. That’s top 5 PG material. It’s ridiculous to me that people don’t have him top 5 and some even ridicule him for being top 10.

Dwight Howard

16.2 PPG / 12.1 RPG / 1.4 APG

8x All-Star, 8x All-NBA, 5x All-Def, 5x Rebounding Leader, 2x Blocks leader, 3x DPOY, 1x Champion

Look at that resume and tell me he isn’t a first ballot Hall of Famer. Look at that resume and tell me he isn’t a top 75 player of all time. And yet that’s what people say about him. Which is ridiculous to me.

I think people always give Dwight a bad look because of his lack of work ethic and the fact that he’s been on so many teams, but Dwight’s career is that of the top center of his generation. No other center of the post Shaq era has had a better resume than Dwight. Not Boogie, not AD, not Embiid, and only Jokic stands a chance of catching up. People forget that Dwight was an absolute monster in his prime, taking a team with his second best player being Rashard Lewis to the NBA Finals.