Who is the greatest NBA power forward who has never been the best power forward in that league?

Well that’s interesting I would say from my reserves of NBA history here’s what I would consider the best power forward in the NBA during each era:

1950–1955: Dolph Schayes

1955–1965: Bob Pettit

1965–1969: Jerry Lucas

1969–1980: Elvin Hayes

1980–1985: Larry Bird (yes Bird played PF during his early years)

1985–1988: Kevin McHale

1988–1993: Charles Barkley

1993–2000: Karl Malone

2000–2004: Tim Duncan

2004–2007: Kevin Garnett

2007–2011: Dirk Nowitzki

2011–2015: Blake Griffin (or Lebron if you want to be technical about him playing PF in MIA)

2015–2018: Anthony Davis

2018-now: Giannis

So yeah that’s generally your list of all time power forwards, but who’s the best PF after these guys? I’ll probably go with one of these two guys (both underrated):

Spencer Haywood

You might be wondering who is this guy.. well in his prime he was pretty much a freak. Very strong, deadly scorer from the inside and a great rebounder too, the first superstar for the Sonics who was All-NBA 4 times, averaged 25/12 for the Sonics.

The other guy is Chris Webber

Like Haywood, he had a short but dominant prime, 5x All-NBA player who averaged 23/10/5 for the Kings. Webber not only had the whole scoring and rebounding package, but he’s probably one of the most gifted passers I’ve seen from that position.


I even have a video comparing the two… but yeah I think it’s probably one of these two.


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