Who are some Hall of Fame players that played for the Lakers as a role player?

Quite a few that most people probably don’t know about…

Connie Hawkins played for the Lakers towards the end of his career after his injuries built up..

Zelmo Beaty played as Laker in his later years as well. He’s most well known as a Hawks and ABA Utah Stars player.

Adrian Dantley actually played with Kareem on the Lakers early in his career

Charlie Scott played on the Lakers after his Suns and Celtics career

Lou Hudson played on the Lakers near the end of his career

Spencer Haywood as well near the end of his career

former MVP Bob McAdoo helped win 2 rings with the Showtime Lakers coming off the bench

Dennis Rodman played with Shaq and Kobe near the end of his career

Mitch Richmond also played with Shaq and Kobe near the end of his career

Gary Payton played on the Lakers before he ended up finally winning with the Heat. He actually played with Shaq on two different teams!

Karl Malone played his last season with the Lakers

Steve Nash also played his last seasons with the Lakers

Dwight Howard played his twilight years with the Lakers finally winning a ring with Lebron

Carmelo Anthony also played his last years with the Lakers


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