Which pre-1980 NBA player would be the most likely to make an All-Star game in today’s era?

The players most likely to have a game that will translate well into today’s NBA..

Wilt Chamberlain – because he was basically Shaq with better defense and thus could dominate probably anyone today

Bill Russell / Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – well we KNOW Kareem can play in the 80s because he did and was an all star up until he retired. Russell on the other hand I think might not get his rebounding numbers but his basketball IQ and defense would definitely be invaluable in any era. He would definitely have to be more of a Dennis Rodman / Ben Wallace / Dikembe Mutombo type defense specialist though because Russell was not a great shooter or scorer

Oscar Robertson – Think Russell Westbrook…

Jerry West / Pete Maravich – could be 3 point elite shooters today

Rick Barry / John Havlicek – versatile wingmen that could be great point forwards much the same way Lebron is today

Julius Erving / David Thompson / Elgin Baylor / Connie Hawkins – Michael Jordan / Kobe Bryant type above the rim players

Wes Unseld / Dave Cowens / Bill Walton – I thought about this alot. These guys are basically the spiritual successors to Bill Russell (basketball IQ wise, minus the defense) but in terms of rebounding and passing ability, they are comparable to Russell. While their rebounding numbers probably won’t be as good today, I think they would be formidable passing centers much like Joakim Noah was that one 2014 season.

Bob Pettit / Hal Greer / George Gervin / Bob McAdoo / Dave Bing / Dan Issel  – they had sweet jumpers and their fundamentals were great. I think they would definitely have to develop a 3 point shot, and I don’t think it would be a problem for them although it wouldn’t come as easily as it would to a Pistol Pete or Jerry West.

Bob Cousy / Walt Frazier / Tiny Archibald – because great point guards in any era would probably thrive in today’s point guard oriented league today

Jerry Lucas / Nate Thurmond / Mel Daniels – rebounding specialists that would be probably play a little farther away from the basket these days, but would still be effective