Which players’ jerseys haven’t been retired by an NBA team yet and should be?

Chicago Bulls

-Norm Van Lier and Chet Walker’s numbers should be retired. Chet Walker was a huge offensive option of the 70s Bulls teams (which were very good) and Norm Van Lier was a 9x All-def option for those teams. Jerry Sloan and Bob Love’s number is retired there, so the absence of Walker and Van Lier is a head scratcher.

-Artis Gilmore’s number should be retired. Clearly the best center in Bulls history.

-Horace Grant and Dennis Rodman’s numbers arguably as well, they were key defensive parts of the 1st and second three-peat, respectively.

New York Knicks

-Why haven’t they retired Bernard King’s number? Is it because he didn’t play long enough for the team? I think if the Knicks end up retiring Melo’s number, they should def retire King’s.

-Richie Guerin. Their best player during their early days and a HoFer. It’s odd that his number isn’t retired there.

Golden State Warriors

-Why haven’t they retired Paul Arizin or Neil Johnston’s numbers? These guys were the top two reasons why the Warriors got their first championship. Strange that they don’t retire the numbers of the guys who got them a ring. It *could* be because they played in Philly, not San Fran, but then again they retired Wilt’s number who also played in Philly so… no idea.

Indiana Pacers

-Why haven’t they retired Freddie Lewis’s number? He’s a borderline HoFer, but just as key part of the ABA Pacers dynasty as Mel Daniels, George McGinnis and Roger Brown, who all had their numbers retired. And a incredible playoff performer and Finals MVP. Usually winning Finals MVP is enough for an organization to consider retiring your number.

Dallas Mavericks

-Why haven’t they retired Mark Aguirre’s number? Huge scorer for the team, especially when they retired Rolando Blackman’s number, who was arguably second banana to Aguirre.

Minnesota Timberwolves

-Why haven’t they retired Kevin Garnett’s number? Best player in franchise history.

Toronto Raptors

-Why haven’t they retired Vince Carter or Chris Bosh’s number? Both were marquee players for the franchise.

Oklahoma City Thunder

-Since technically they are the same franchise, I think they should retire Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp’s numbers.

-Dennis Johnson as well, since he was Finals MVP for their only championship.

-Ray Allen spent his best years there, so retiring his number could be a consideration too.

-Detlef Schrempf also deserves some consideration, playing a lot of his good years there.

Los Angeles Lakers

-George Mikan’s number should be retired. If you’re going to count the Minneapolis Laker’s rings for your organization and wear the throwback Minny jerseys, then you should retire the guy who’s responsible for those rings in Minny. Also, Jim Pollard and Vern Mikkelsen were a key part of that front court for the Minny dynasty and both are HoFers should they should be considered as well.

-Also, Pau Gasol’s number should be retired – he was obviously the catalyst for the 2009-2010 championship run and the Laker’s missing piece.

-Michael Cooper was an 8x all def player and a key piece of all 5 Showtime Lakers championships and should be under consideration for number retirement.

Los Angeles Clippers

-Bob McAdoo’s number should be retired. He’s arguably one of, if not the best player in franchise history (when they were called the Buffalo Braves).

-Randy Smith, second best player on the 70s Braves, also deserves consideration.

-Elton Brand carried the Clippers during the 2000s and should also deserve consideration.

Sacramento Kings

-Jerry Lucas’ number should be retired as he played most of his prime with the Cincinnati Royals (which is part of King’s history as they did retire Oscar Robertson’s number there)

-Arnie Risen, the best player on the 1951 Royals championship team and HoFer should probably have his number retired. Especially since they retired Bob Davies’ number.

Detroit Pistons

-Grant Hill’s number arguably should be retired, he spent all of his prime there

-Bailey Howell and Dave Debusschere played most of their primes there and kept the team alive during the 1960s. They deserve to have their numbers retired there.

-George Yardley carried them to their first NBA Finals, was a league scoring champ and HoFer and should be considered as well.

-Rasheed Wallace was a huge part of the Pistons mid 2000s dynasty and should be considered as well.

Houston Rockets

-Tmac’s number should be retired, I know he was injured a lot of the time but so was Yao Ming and Yao had his number retired there.

-Steve Francis carried the Rockets during the early 00s and should be under consideration as well.

Atlanta Hawks

-Zelmo Beaty and Cliff Hagan. These guys played for the franchise most of their prime, both are Hall of Famers. That should be enough for a number retirement. Hagan was also second best player for their only championship.

-Mookie Blaylock was one of the best defensive guards of his era and should be under consideration too.

-Joe Johnson played most of his prime there and deserves some consideration.

Phoenix Suns

-Amar’e Stoudemire. The second best player of the Nash suns era, arguably deserves to have his number retired there.

-Charlie Scott spent alot of his prime there, but a bit of a tough sell due to his short career there.

-Shawn Marion did play most of his career there and should be under consideration too.

San Antonio Spurs

-Alvin Robertson. One of the greatest defensive guards ever, deserves to have his number retired.

-Larry Kenon. Second best player on the Gervin Spurs, deserves consideration.

Utah Jazz

-Deron Williams. He was their marquee players for several years, and should be considered for jersey retirement. Also *maybe* Carlos Boozer as well.

Milwaukee Bucks

-Terry Cummings spent most of his prime there, so deserves consideration.