Which player has had more talented teammates over the course of their career, LeBron James or Kevin Durant?

So we can’t just do the casual thing here by listing names of the all star or HoF teammates each played with, we have to account for primes and injuries.

So Lebron’s healthy / prime all star teammates:

-2011-2013 D-wade (Wade was injured 2014)
-2011-2014 Bosh
-2016–2017 Kyrie (Kyrie was injured 2015)
-2016–2018 Love (Love was injured 2015)
-2020 AD

KD’s healthy / prime all star teammates

2011–2016 Westbrook
2017–2019 Curry
2017–2019 Draymond
2017–2019 Klay
2022 Kyrie (Harden and Kyrie were injured 2021)

Overall taking teammate health and prime into consideration, KD’s run with the Warriors (2017–2019) he had probably the most talented teammates with Curry/Draymond/Klay all in their prime and healthy during that time. I would say that roster is more stacked than the 2011-2013 Heat, the 2016–2017 Cavs and the 2020 Lakers which are the only times Lebron had fully healthy all star teammates. Bron’s best teammate is either 2011 Wade or 2020 AD, and both of them are a notch below 2017–2019 Curry I think