Which person has had the most positions and done most for the NBA?

Well theres a few key people I would say in NBA history who are very important

George Mikan – for being the first NBA superstar

Red Auerbach – for drafting Bill Russell and starting the Celtics dynasty and for a good few decades the best NBA coach there was

Wilt Chamberlain – caused a bunch of rule changes in the NBA to stop his dominance such as dunking from the free throw line – still enforced today

Rick Barry – changed free agency rules

Oscar Robertson – led to higher player salaries

Spencer Haywood – allowed players to leave college early to play professionally, previously all players had to play 4 years in college

Jerry West – for being the NBA logo, for contributing to 11 championships with the Lakers either as a player or executive – yes thats every single championship that the Lakers have won in LA

Julius Erving – one of the main reasons why the NBA decided to absorb the ABA was to acquire this man

Magic Johnson & Larry Bird – for saving the NBA back in the 1980s. The NBA was not very popular in the 1970s and Magic/Bird saved it

David Stern – for growing the NBA globally in the 1980s and beyond

and lastly

Michael Jordan – for making the NBA explode into popularity across the globe. if Magic and Larry saved it in the US, Jordan took it internationally and is STILL the most famous basketball player ever to live. His merchandise still sells millions even though he’s been retired for over a decade thats how important to the NBA he was.