Which one is actually better, CD or vinyl?

As with a lot of things, it depends on individual preference.

CDs never degrade in quality, take up less space and are easier to take care of.

However for me it’s Vinyl.

And the reason why is this (none of them related to sound quality btw):

-LPs are bigger than CDs so LP covers are inherently better for display. Iconic album covers like the Beatles’ Abbey Road and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon are easy to display on vinyl. CDs are much smaller and thus CD covers don’t serve as a piece of art the same way that LP album covers do. This also makes vinyl collecting more interesting since they can be displayed better.

-LPs have to be played in their entirety. You can’t skip tracks when listening to a record, thus it forces you to listen to ALL the songs on the record. That means concept albums like Dark Side of the Moon and Abbey Road are forced to be listened to in their entirety, which is what the artists originally intended. Listening to the entire album in full means some songs flow better into one another because it was originally designed to be listened to this way. While CDs can be listened to this way too, the tracks can also be skipped and sometimes this can ruin the listening experience for concept albums. It doesn’t force you to listen to the whole album like LP does. Spotify and streaming services are even worse, people just shuffle a playlist of tracks and it’s all out of order.

-LPs look cooler when they are playing. That’s just a fact. Nobody looks at a spinning CD and thinks thats cool. Spinning vinyl on the other hand – looks retro, nostalgic, and cool.

-While you can upgrade CD players and expensive CD players supposedly sound a lot better, with record players there’s more variation and experimentation. Direct drive vs Belt-drive? Moving Magnet vs Moving Coil? And choice of phono preamp. There’s simply a rabbit hole of vinyl related audio gear when it comes to turntables.





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