Where does Victor Wembanyama rank among the most hyped prospects in NBA history?

Probably the most hyped prospect since Lebron James.


Chris Broussard said if he ‘only’ had a career like KD or Hakeem, he’d be a disappointment.

Basically, Wembanyama is expected to be a top 10 player of all time. Anything less would be a disappointment given all the hype about him. Lebron managed to meet that hype. Let’s see how Wembanyama does. Although if history is any indicator, 7 footers generally do not have very good longevity. Two other highly touted prospects – Bill Walton and Ralph Sampson (both 7 footers) had their careers derailed from injuries. Victor is 7′5 and the closest all-star we seen to that is Yao Ming.. who also had lots of injury issues.


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