What were some of the biggest big budget movie flops?

This movie is just pure crap.

Firstly it completely shits on the source material. Ok let’s ignore that Goku is white instead of Asian I know thats a topic of debate. but he’s in high school now. Master Roshi is not an old man anymore. Chi chi is his high school girlfriend and inexplicably she is still kept Asian while Goku is not. “Piccolo” looks horrible and nothing like what he is in the anime. “Yamcha” is also inexplicably Asian (so why is Goku still white?). Bulma is in here too, but as a completely different role than she was in the anime series and manga.
So this movie basically has nothing to do with its source material. Only the names are used thats it.

Secondly, it is a horrible movie. Even if they disregarded the source material there is still a way for the movie to be good (see: Blade Runner). Nope. It’s trash.

Thirdly, yes its a box office flop. So it couldn’t even pull a Transformers where the movie sucked but the box office was good.


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