What is your opinion on Blackpink’s song ‘Pink Venom’?

It’s a very mediocre song. I listened to it and basically forgot how it sounds like just a few minutes later. That’s how you know it wasn’t a very good song.

To be honest as a general fan of kpop not any girl group in particular, BlackPink’s best songs were during their first 3 years – 2016–2018. They had an amazing debut song with Playing with Fire, and then Whistle, Boombayah, Ddu-ddu-du, Kill this Love, As if it’s your last etc were all incredibly great, catchy songs. But after 2018, they fell off and fans started demanding a full album and more material… BP later released this full album but it didn’t contain the same kind of hits that made them famous. How you like that, Lovesick Girls and now Pink Venom are very mediocre so-so songs that aren’t up to the same standard as the ones they came out with.

The other problem is BP’s range. They don’t have much versatility. Besides Stay, I don’t really know many other ballads they tried. Compare this to their predecessor 2NE1 – who had ballads like I love you, It hurts, Lonely etc AND floor raisers like Fire, Ugly, I am the best etc or their contemporaries TWICE or Red Velvet who are much more consistent. TWICE has been steady from their debut with Cheer Up all the way to their recent hits like More and More and Alcohol Free. Red Velvet has been steady from their debut with Happiness all the way to their recent hits like Psycho and Queendom.
BP? After Kill this Love all they’ve put out are mediocre forgettable songs that still become hits just because they are BP, but not at the same quality as the songs that made them famous.

Pink Venom will get a lot of hits because it’s BP. But it’s not that creative or catchy. Listen to any other group – STAYC, G(IDLE), AESPA, IVE, FROMIS_9, BLUE JEANS, GFRIEND, LOONA, ITZY, BRAVE GIRLS, EVERGLOW etc they all came out with better songs than Pink Venom but because they aren’t BP they won’t get the same exposure.

^ listen to the songs above. Pink Venom got nothing on these songs except that it’s by BP thats it. And that’s literally the only reason it will get more hits.





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