What is your fashion style?

Age 14–18

When I was in high school.. no style lol. I just wore anything that was cheap from Gap or Old Navy. Basically jeans or any cool looking sweater or shirt I could find. Most high school kids here can’t really dress that well. (This is when I kind of wished North America would have nice looking school uniforms like in Asia).

Pretty typical of my high school style – I always wore a baseball cap back then, Adidas jacket, any kind of casual T-shirt I thought looked cool, and cheap jeans.

Age 18–23

In university, I became inspired by a lot of 1940s-1960s style.

mm… yeah I liked my neckties back then.

So during university, I experimented alot with blazers, suits, ties, military jackets, navy uniforms, fedoras etc stuff like that I felt looked vintage and cool. I didn’t care much about brands back then just liked vintage style.

Age 23–26

After I moved to San Francisco, I went mainstream brand heavy. Abercombie shirts, Express shirts and jeans, Lucky Brand jeans, American Eagle jeans, etc. Also wore alot more casual stuff like hoodies since that is the engineer norm in the West coast after all. I usually wore Converse or Vans shoes back then.

I would also buy some import Asian clothing from Yesstyle – expensive, but had some cool styles.

So yeah.. Hoodie or Abercombie shirt, Express jeans, Vans shoes.. that’s pretty typical of me back then

Abercombie sweater, Asian style jacket from Yesstyle, Ray Ban sunglasses

Wore a lot of plaid collar shirts back then too.. haha usually Banana Republic or Express. And yeah Converse low cut chucks what a classic.

Leather jackets were also a go to for me in colder weather and yes I did wear flat caps for a while too!

Leather jacket, plaid collar shirt, jeans and Vans was typical outfit for me back then.

Age 26–31

I lived in Korea for 2 years during this time and so was heavily influenced by Korean fashion style.

So I usually wore tight fitting clothes – skinny jeans, collar shirts with the sleeves rolled up, Converse or Adidas type sneakers were my go to.

In colder weather I would stick to down padding type jackets.

I didn’t care too much about brands anymore at this time, just the style. Outer zippered jacket with pockets, skinny jeans, Onitsuka Tiger shoes.

Going all white – Korean style often involves tight fitting clothing and a ‘neat’ appearance and white definitely adds to that, which is probably why I wore white a lot back then – and still do today!

Even after coming back to San Francisco kept the Korean influenced style for another few years – some Korean label shirt, skinny jeans and Adidas superstar sneakers here.

Age 31-present

I would say now my fashion sense is a hybrid – I have some brand name stuff from Western brands but also keeping some of my Korean influenced style as well. In colder weather I stick to a Woods parka, Guess leather jacket or a Eddie Bauer padding jacket. I have some Lacoste chinos, Hugo Boss shirts, Lacoste or Fred Perry polos, True Religion or Lucky Brand skinny jeans, and stick to Adidas superstar sneakers or Puma suede sneakers – can’t go wrong with them! Oh and traditional mechanical watches are a must for me. I’m not a huge fan of smartwatches.

You can see I still keep some of my Korean influenced style – striped shirts, clean looking blazers, skinny jeans or chinos, Adidas / FILA sneakers – and yes those are Gentle Monster (Korean brand) sunglasses.


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