What is the biggest weakness of each of the greatest NBA superstars?

I’ll break down for my top 20 nba players (not in order):

Jordan – early in his career, he was a ‘selfish’ player who didnt trust his teammates – later in his career, 3 point shooting probably

Magic – defense was his weakness

Lebron – was great at defense during his Miami years but got lazy after that, free throw shooting for his position

Shaq – take a guess? free throw shooting and a lack of effort in defense

Durant – defense, passing could be better

Wilt – free throw shooting and a lack of desire (some might say ‘killer instinct’) in do or die situations

Russell – shooting (only 44% for a center is pretty bad), free throw shooting was bad

Kareem – his defense and rebounding in his early part of his career was great, but by the latter half of his career had waned.

Duncan – almost a perfect nba player, perhaps only free throw shooting but considering he’s a big man his % isn’t too bad

Bird – was decent at defense but not the best at his position

West – Almost a perfect NBA player as well, just got ‘unlucky’ too many times

Hakeem – skills wise almost perfect, but according to some sources, was a hard player to coach

Kobe – ‘selfish’, couldn’t trust his teammates, was a demanding teammate

Dr J – his range was limited, and similar to Robinson/Wilt athleticism was off the charts but a little ‘too nice’ in do or die situations

Baylor – wasn’t a great shooter (43%) and defense was lacking

Oscar – defense was lacking, was a demanding teammate by all accounts

Havlicek – almost a perfect nba player, but perhaps lacked the ‘it’ factor to really dominate a game the way his contemporaries Dr J and Rick Barry could

Moses – couldn’t pass, defense was sloppy at times

Karl M – much like Wilt lacked the ‘desire’ to close out a game in do or die situations

Pettit – not a terrific shooter (43%)