What is the 4th and 5th greatest shooting guard of all time? Who are the candidates?

first of all, lets get this out of the way to those young fans out there: Jerry West is greater than D-Wade. Sorry, but it’s true. With all due respect to Wade, it’s not all about championship rings. West went to 9 Finals, carried some of those Lakers teams in the playoffs, his stats are just ridiculous at 27/6/7 per game and he was a better shooter than Wade while being a great passer and just as good on defense as well. So I have West on my #3 all time SG, not Wade.

D-Wade then of course would be #4 all time on the SG list. Nothing more needs to be said he has 3 rings, a fmvp, all around great scorer and defender, only issue with Wade is his injuries + can’t shoot from long range.

#5 is interesting.. could be several players. Allen Iverson, George Gervin, Clyde Drexler or James Harden.

out of these guys, Iverson and Harden have MVPs which give them boosts. Drexler is the only one with a ring, albeit as a second fiddle. I would say it’s probably a wash between Iverson and Harden but I might give the edge to Iverson for that 2001 Finals run he made – Harden doesn’t have anything comparable. I might also give the edge to Iverson for defense cause although he wasn’t an elite defender or anything at least he had 3 steals titles. So I’ll probably go Iverson for my #5.


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