What fun the past couple of days have been….

1. I stayed up 24 hours to finish CSC373 assignment just to get it back with a 60.
2. I had to drop CSC309 because I misread the A1 spec and our group got 27/100 on it
3. My external hard drive failed and I have lost 500GB worth of data
4. My netbook adapter died and I am currently typing on my old laptop
5. My CSC301 group members want to kick me out of the group because I am ‘not being part of the team’ and apparently am ‘hiding things’ from them. I will get hammered on the peer eval.
6. My Oracle interview I couldn’t figure out what a QA person did and couldnt tell them about my 301 troubles.
7. I BSed the CSC373 midterm and am certain that I will get a bad mark on it and maybe drop it as well.
8. My stock portfolio fell 10% and I am suffering massive financial debt
9. My $130 Sennheisers broke and now I am out of a music outlet =(

Hah. If this is the worst that UofT has, I say bring it on. Strangely enough, despite all of this, I am quite optimistic about things. Perhaps I am used to it….