What do you think of Chinese people?

Things I like about Chinese people:




-Willing to take risks

-Brutal honesty

Things I don’t like about Chinese people:

-They lost their humility. Now they are too nationalistic, they always like to brag about China and how its better than other countries a lot, their cities, their food, their women etc and they get extremely defensive and offended when you say anything perceived as negative towards their country.

-Ironically even though they criticize other countries like USA/Japan/Korea etc all the time they cannot seem to take criticism of their own country well. They cannot seem to accept that their country has flaws. Yes we all know the CCP did some great things like lifting Chinese people out of poverty, but we also have to accept that they made some mistakes, especially in the past in the Mao-era with the Cultural Revolution and Great Leap Forward. Don’t jump down my throat for giving some honest feedback/criticism about your country. And they will inevitably talk about you are ‘brainwashed’ by Western media even though you are being the open minded one here.

-The whole society cares too much about wealth and is too materialistic. And before you say well other countries are materialistic too, no China is on a different level. They judge everyone by their wealth, everything is about money, money, money. How much do you make? What car do you have? You need a car and a house before marriage, and likely an expensive ring too. All this is crazy. You might find *some* Koreans and Japanese and Westerners like this, but definitely they will be in the minority and criticized if they think this way. For Chinese, this is considered a normal way of thinking.

-They think that being patriotic means supporting the CCP. Patriotism does NOT mean supporting the current government. Patriotism means love of your country, not love of the current government of your country. Many Chinese call me a ‘traitor’ because I don’t support the CCP and I say negative things about China. They don’t understand that you can still love China but be against the government. In America, over half the population opposes Trump, the current head of US government. Does that mean they do not love America? You must separate the concept of government from the country. Some of China’s greatest patriots were revolutionaries. Sun Yat-Sen was considered a great patriot, but opposed the Manchurian government in rule at the time. Most of Chinese dynasties were overthrown by someone who disliked the current government in rule. Heck, even Mao Zedong, the founder of the CCP, decided that the current government was not good and sought to overthrow it. Chinese must realize that going against your government does not mean you do not love your country.

-Gender inequality. I hate the BS ‘women hold up half the sky’ talk. If they hold up half the sky shouldn’t they pay for half of everything too? I don’t get why in the country with the lowest gender wage gap, the men still gotta pay for everything. Everything should either be equal and fair to both sexes, or if they insist men pay for everything, then they should do more than men at home or something like Koreans or Japanese women. Otherwise its not equal.