What do you think of Chinese girls, and how they appear to foreigners?

Very different from other East Asian girls. This question is loaded so of course my answer will be slightly generalizing, but I think for the majority of Chinese girls I met I seem to get this impression:

While Taiwanese/Korean/Japanese girls tend to be traditionally feminine, passive, more dependent on men, Chinese girls are more independent, more dominant, more aggressive, and more money focused. They value their career and success more than anything else. They don’t focus as much on physical appearance as much as owning expensive brand name items (this might be due to the Chinese “face” culture which I hate).

Also, a lot of them appear to me slightly arrogant about themselves. They think that Chinese women are the most beautiful ‘natural’ looking women, certain regions like Sichuan or Chongqing etc have the best looking women, Korean women are fake, etc. I’ve never heard or met a Korean girl who bragged about their race like that. I’ve never heard them say something like ‘oh Seoul/Busan has the best looking women, we are better looking than Chinese women’ etc. Chinese women are very confident, sometimes overconfident I think, whereas other Asian girls seem to be more humble and insecure.

Also, in a surprising twist of gender inequality, they seem to have more power than the men do. While in other patriarchal countries the men have more power than the women and the women have to do more for the men, in China its reversed: the men have to do more for the women. That means despite Chinese women almost making as much as men do, the men still have to pay for everything and do everything for the women. How did this come to be? I think communism + the skewed gender ratio are to blame.

This is just my opinion of Chinese girls from mainland. Chinese-American or Chinese-Canadian girls are very different and are closer to Western women.