What are the modern seven wonders of world?

Well there’s two different sets of Wonders of the World, and multiple interpretations and its so highly subjective. The ancient Wonders of the world are well documented – the modern ones not so much. There are two categories, natural (nature created) and man-made (created by man) so I think these are two distinct different kinds of wonders. For example, Grand Canyon would be a natural Wonder. Niagara Falls is a natural Wonder.

I’m going with my personal list of 7 man-made wonders of the world, as the original Ancient 7 Wonders were all man-made:

  1. Taj Mahal (India)
  1. Burj Khalifa (UAE)
  1. Hagia Sophia (Turkey)
  1. Great Pyramids of Giza (Egypt)
  1. Great Wall of China (China)
  1. Machu Picchu (Peru)
  1. Stonehenge (UK)