What are the craziest things you’ve heard conservatives say?

Disclaimer: I consider myself a conservative, but NOT the American type of conservative i.e Republicans who are conservative in name only. I am a Canadian conservative. I find Republicans absolutely repulsive though since they pretend to be conservative when in reality they are just batshit crazy and lack common sense. They also think that you are a RINO (Republican in name only) if you don’t support Trump (who isn’t a conservative and flip flops on his issues minute by minute and wasn’t Repub until 2015) and/or assume you a liberal if you don’t like Trump (hint: MANY people don’t like Trump not just liberals).

Here’s some of the stupid things they say:

“why don’t we ban alcohol/smoking/cars too because they kill more people a year than guns”

“Gun control doesn’t work. Chicago has the highest murder rates and its LIBERAL. so it doesn’t work”

“Poor people don’t deserve to live and are feeding off the system”

“illegal immigrants are voting by the millions. Dead people are voting by the millions!”

“Obama created ISIS, Obama is a muslim threatening to destroy our country”

“Trump has the guts to nuke North Korea. Obama was a whiny apologist Kenyan muslim who made America look weak. MAGA!”

“after all the TERRIBLE Obama years, finally Trump is making America great again and our jobs are coming back!”

“Hillary killed four Americans in Benghazi she is a blood thirsty murderer”

“Now we have a President (Trump) that respects our troops! and a true Christian!”

“(in response to seeing Trump’s polls): Fake polls, you guys said Hillary would win too how’d that work out for ya?”

“You fake news outlets and whiny libtards are just butthurt about Hillary losing the election! go cry in your corner snowflakes!”

“Trump is going to make sure our country is on the right track again and stop bowing down to the global elite (George Soros, Rothchilds etc)”

“The Democrats are taking advantage of black people and illegal immigrants! they are destroying our country! that’s why Trump is great!”

“If you dont like Trump then get the hell out of our country!”

[insert crazy conspiracy theory about Hillary/Obama here]

To be sure, I hear these kind of comments fairly often. These are not conservative comments. They are comments made by IDIOTS acting like 5 year olds who are not educated or ignorant to some degree. They are comments made by paranoid conspiracy theorists. These are the modern Republicans today. Very sad.





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