What are some reasons why LeBron James is disliked in the National basketball Association (NBA) and by basketball fans in general?

Well first of all let’s get this out of the way: Lebron is the most hated athlete online and it’s not even close


No matter where in social media you go, Facebook, Reddit, Youtube and especially Twitter – there’s literally accounts and groups dedicated to hating on him that post negative things about him everyday.

Quora is a bit better about this and that’s why I’d rather be on Quora because there’s generally less casuals and more people that know their basketball on here, and thus less likely to participate in the dumb hate, but virtually everywhere on social media people hate him.

And why is that?

Well, to me the vast majority of the hate is completely unjustified and based on the fact that he’s in the GOAT convo. That’s really it. If he wasn’t in the GOAT convo, he wouldn’t be this hated.

But because he’s in the GOAT convo and some fans think he’s better than Jordan, then we have a whole bunch of haters that are dedicated to making dumb memes about him everyday. Some examples of what haters do:

-Talk about his Finals record and how he has 6 Finals losses
-Exaggerate all his losses, especially 2011, and say he choked in all of them
-Minimize his Finals appearances by saying the East was weak
-Discrediting his 2020 ring because it was the bubble
-Say his stats don’t matter because he’s stat padding (doesn’t make sense because he wouldn’t have left CLE if he wanted to pad stats)
-Saying longevity doesn’t matter because he’s still behind in rings
-Keep bringing up his total turnovers and playoff losses (instead of his total points or total playoff wins)
-Give his teammates like Ray Allen and Kyrie all the credit because they hit the last shot
-Say that he flops all the time and make flop compilations online (every modern NBA player flops)
-Say that he doesn’t have killer instinct and isn’t clutch because he makes the right basketball play (ridiculous because all the stats do say he’s clutch)
-Say that he plays no defense and make no defense compilations online to make people think that he gives up on his team (these are usually from recent footage because Lebron is older)
-Say that he trades players and coaches but also recruits superstars to play with him (sometimes the same teammates even come back to play with him!)
-Say he had stacked teams because he had more all stars or top 75 players on his team (and sometimes they will count guys like Melo and Allen and Dwight because even though they were past their primes they total up their all star appearances for their career)
-Say that he’s arrogant and blames his teammates (ironic since they don’t say anything about Jordan and Kobe who are infamous for being arrogant and blaming their teammates)
-Just plain mislead or lie to people i.e JJ Barea locked Lebron down to 8 points when he barely guarded Lebron that game
-Blame Lebron for the 2004 Olympics Bronze medal even though Lebron barely played
-Exaggerate negative quotes that other NBA players have said about Lebron
-Have a double standard on Lebron (I.e Curry had a superteam too but they never say his 4 rings are fraudulent, Kobe/Bird had 8 point Finals games too but they never bring it up, etc)
-Say that Lebron is in the GOAT convo so he has to meet all this insane criteria and scrutiny but then put other guys like Kobe in the GOAT convo without having to meet any of the same scrutiny

So you can see why haters are trying to brainwash the general public and casuals out there and it is working. They make up misleading and disingenuous things about Lebron.
Now currently (as of Dec 2023) they are making fun of Lebron because he won the in-season tournament. Of course cause it’s Lebron who won it, then it doesn’t count and doesn’t mean anything.


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