Top 10 Greatest FPS (First person shooter) games of all time

Top 10 greatest FPS games of all time

1. Half-Life (1998)
This is my pick for #1 FPS of all time, because although Doom pioneered the FPS genre, Half life perfected it. It introduced an actual story, a script, player-NPC interactions, and made the game feel almost believable. Even though Half Life 2 improved upon this even more, I think Half Life’s influence cannot be understated, this is the greatest FPS game of all time.

2. Doom (1993)
Doom could be #1, because it is the original game that popularized the FPS genre. Sure, Catacomb Abyss, Ultima Underworld and Wolfenstein 3D came before it, but Doom was the game that made people realize that games were no longer just platformers and arcade style shooters. It was violent, it had a revolutionary engine and it is the grandfather of all FPS games. Hail Doom!

3. Counter-Strike 1.6 (2000)
Originally a mod of Half Life, it became its own game and one of the most popular multiplayer games of all time. Everywhere in college dorms and internet cafes, CS was being played. This game set the standard for multiplayer matches and gameplay for virtually all FPS games after it, having weapon loadouts and 2 opposing factions.

4. Quake (1996)
Quake upped the ante on Doom with better textures and more sadistic weapons that weren’t based on the real world, but moreoever introduced multiplayer gaming and LAN parties to the public. Doom technically had multiplayer before but Quake made it popular. Quake also introduced the fast paced deathmatch style of play that would be found in every 90s FPS shooter since.

5. Halo: Combat Evolved (2001)
This was the game that sold the Xbox to the public and considered revolutionary in the FPS genre for a few reasons, first the game ditched health packs and carrying every weapon you find, to having a regenerating shield and a limitation of only being able to carry 2 weapons at a time, and secondly the ability to pilot vehicles. Both these innovations would appear in pretty much every FPS game after it.

6. Half-Life 2 (2004)
One of the greatest FPS games ever is also considered one of the greatest games of all time, period. Half life improved upon its successor with more of everything, with various styles of gameplay, puzzle-solving, and player-AI interaction, plus a new physics engine that really pushed the FPS genre as a whole. This game was considered the best game of the 2000s decade by a lot of publications.

7. Goldeneye 007 (1995)
The best FPS game on a console for the rest of the decade, Goldeneye combined a great story, and an incredibly fun multiplayer where you can play split screen 4 player, with various mods like the golden gun and paintball mode, this was along with Super Mario 64 the game that sold the Nintendo 64.

8. System Shock (1994)
The sci-fi RPG FPS game that built upon Ultima underworld and influenced System Shock 2, Dead Space, Deus Ex, Bioshock and a slew of other RPG/FPS hybrid games, this game was the original and was hugely influential in advancing the sci-fi genre.

9. Duke Nukem 3D (1996)
One of the first FPS games and the first popular FPS game to make use of a players voice, in addition to being able to interact with various items in the game. The player character had a personality which other games that came before it didn’t.

10. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (2007)
Revitalized the franchise and all modern FPS games by having realistic combat driven storyline set in modern day, great graphics, and a multiplayer that set the standard for all FPS games that came after it