To do list for next two months

Need to keep track of things…


-Contact Registrar to allow me to enroll in ECO courses needed for graduation Start enrolling Aug 6th

-Defer for OSAP application

-Taking money out from stocks to fund tuition

-Do well in ECO220 (80+, exam left)

-Attend Club day and sign up for positions for potential internship and leadership

-PEY final evaluation

-Contact professor for possible CSC490/CSC494 project

-Interview for Chinese course

-Get accepted into ECO major


-Fixing Mantis issues; Fixing bulletin importer

-Designing and implementing DMS web interface prototype

-Spec document for query interface following data model changes and MD5 checksums for duplicate bulletin issue

-Getting AppFuse to work with Oracle and Maven

-Getting Spring Roo to work with DB Persistence objects, Hibernate, Oracle, Maven

-Migrating components for new release

-Designing file system persistence


-Procuring investment capital for hiring

-Assessing and developing more cohesive business plan to present to investors

-Designing contract for selling backend of Joomla+Kaltura

-Work on Love@UofT project; figuring out CodeIgnitor; implementing messaging system

-Work on design of future video based sites in Chinese (need translator) and mass market (need frontend)

-Finding source of advertisement and promotion

-Consolidate domain names into one dedicated server and one shared (dedicated for video,shared for blog)

-Find potential buyers for my car and sell it for decent price

-Stocks better go up before end of Aug!

-Eliminate 60%+ of my debt

I’ve also been working on a video site. You can check it out Here.

Things to do for it:

-Fixing up Clipshare frontend so that onclick javascript events can work when using fx functions

-Modify banner

-Add advertisements

-Allow users to feature videos and submit their own related links to blogs, videos, articles, etc

-Translate any untranslated items

-Move upload to main page

-Change redirection from signup to login.php

-Change most viewed on featured page to most helpful (highly rated)

–Add Ajax pagination

-Add mobile phone support

-Change categories to show on main video page instead of separate page

-Add more videos

-Fix conversion / file limit

-Do more SEO on it

-Add fb/twitter connect for login

-Import from youtube

-Add expandable descriptions

-Wikipedia, Twitter, Blogger, Stack overflow, Google latitude content aggregation